What a world we weave…

There is a great article on IO9 (part of Gizmodo) on making worlds that are believable. It’s an excellent read and something I think everyone in speculative fiction should read. But how do you build the worlds to start with? As with anything, you start with concept. In this case, what role is the world going to play in your story? Continue reading “What a world we weave…”

Experience as Research

Previously, I talked about researching and creating a play book (or, perhaps, a set of universal laws for the universe you create).  Today, I’m going to mention a different form of research.  Not everything you can do can come from a book.  This is just the way it is.  For example, let’s take the killer in my current work.  She is so terribly afraid of getting caught that she can barely function.  But, how do I show this to the reader?  I mean, if I simply tell the reader she is, they won’t believe me.  I don’t believe it when I’m told it in the books I read.  I want to see it!  So, here is where I go: Experience! Continue reading “Experience as Research”

Thoughts on Fiction Writing

This blog is a collection of things that work for me for my writing.  No more, no less.  While I’m publishing them in the hopes that they may help other authors, I make absolutely no promises, as the first thing I learned was that there is no magic formula for writing.  The best you get are guidelines and even those are fuzzy.  So, here’s a series of things I do to write. Continue reading “Thoughts on Fiction Writing”