Time! Where’s the time!

Well, since it has been a while, let’s talk about the single worst enemy that faces a Writer with a Day Job. (That’s a good book but basically says what I’m going to say here.) So, here’s the deal, you work full time, come home to the kids and just don’t have time for anything. And, in my case, you’re a part-time student working on a bachelor’s of arts degree, too. When do you have time to work on your story? Well, the short answer is, you make it!

Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler from the BBC's DOCTOR WHO.
The Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler, from Doctor Who. Source is a Doctor Who fan site

What I do is I do my exercise in the early morning, clean up, head to work, make bits fly around the world, come home, do my homework, and then I take a little time before bed, just an hour or so to write. It’s hard but it works. I would like to work to where I make two hours of time for my novel. Unfortunately, that means that other things must slide, such as this blog.

The biggest thing is to make a time that works for you. For me, an hour or two each night works perfectly. I know some who take one day a week to write. I don’t know how people who do that make it work, but it works for them. The key is to find a pattern and stick to it.

Anyways, it’s time for me to get back to my homework before I work an hour on my novel. (See? My plan in action!)

Author: K. Kaze Fox

Kaze is a science fiction author living near Dallas, TX. She started writing as a very young child, with her focus on short stories and novels since 2000, plus the occasional piece of poetry. Out side of writing, Kaze is a bit of a computer geek, working for a major information technology company, with an interest in helping her community. She’s involved in her county’s “Community Emergency Response Team” (or CERT) and is working to also become a volunteer fire fighter/EMT.

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